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Ready to repair a well-worn tractor seat or frayed RV cushion?

Here’s how our process works.

step 1

Free Estimate

  • Email a few photos of your project to [email protected]
  • We will reach out with any questions about the piece, such as comfort, age, and condition, or we can set an appointment to view the piece in person at the shop
  • Receive your estimate via email based on the photos and information provided

Since you never truly know what will be needed until you have stripped the piece of its old materials, all estimate pricing is based on a basic recover and a full re-upholstery. Depending on the condition of your piece, we can discuss both options.


Only replacing the old fabric and leaving the foundation (ie: springs and cushioning/foam) as is.

Full Re-upholstery

Includes replacing the springs, cushioning/foam, and possibly some repairs.

step 2

Customizing Your Piece

  • Make an appointment to visit our showroom to pick a fabric, or we will provide you with our suppliers’ websites if you’d prefer to browse online*
  • Pick any additional details you’d like added to your piece, such as a special trim, nailhead, buttons, or any painting

Interested in bringing in your own fabric?

Visit our Contact page for more information.

step 3

Bringing Your Project to Life

  • Once you’ve chosen your fabric and any additional features, your project is added to our queue and scheduled to start on a date about 10 to 12 weeks out, depending on availability
  • Fabric is due in full at the scheduled project start time along with a 50% deposit when dropping off your piece
  • Once started, projects take anywhere from a few hours to two weeks to complete (so much depends on the piece and its unique problems)
  • Final payment is due at the time of delivery or pick-up of your finished project

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